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William Bennett's Publications pan20

My Favorite Encores Paul Taffanel Sicilienne-Etude
(Southern Music) Henry Purcell Two Airs
   Felix Mendelssohn The Shepherd's Song
  Stanford Robinson Moon Maiden's Dance
   Franz Ries La Capricciose
  J.S.Bach Wachet Auf
  Frederich von Flotow Last Rose of Summer
  J.S.Bach Largo
  Frederick Chopin Valse, Op. 64 No.2
  Gaetano Donizett
  Edward Elgar Chanson de Matin
  J P Rameau Air tendre pour les muses
  Henry Purcell Hornpipe I, II
   Gaetano Donizett Andante Sostenuto
Paul Taffanel (Southern Music) Paul Taffanel Mignon Fantasie
J.S Bach(Chester) J.S.Bach Six Sonatas for Flute and Keyboard (Vol. 1 and 2)
    Edited and reali ( sed by William Bennett)
Sir Arthur Sullivan (Emerson Edition) Sir Arthur Sullivan Twilight for 2 Flutes and Piano
Paul A. Genin (Alry Publications) Paul A. Genin Air Napolitain
G. Faure (Alry Publications) G. Faure Fantaisie for 2 Flutes and Piano
Chopin (Alry Publications) Chopin Nocturne in D-flat. for 2 Flutes and Piano
G. Faure (Alry Publications) G. Faure Pavane for 6 Flutes and Piano
J.S. Bach (Pan Educational Music) J.S. Bach Sinfonia Cantata No.209
C . Benson (Pan Educational Music) C . Benson Song for Wibb
W.A.Mozart (Pan Educational Music)c W.A.Mozart Adagio and Rondo
Paul Taffanel (Broekmans en Van Poppel B.V) Paul Taffanel Jean de Nivelle
    Francesca di Rimini