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The Times

The myth of the inexpressive flute was dealt a final fatal blow last night at the Wigmore Hall. It happens to be the chosen instrument of William Bennett, a musician of authority and insight, who handles it with a mastery as complete as it is unobtrusive.

The Guardian

  charismatic solo playing was encountered in the suite no.2 in B minor, where the flautist William Bennett offered multiplicity of detailed colouring and bouncy rhythms, nevertheless matching his style and ornamentation with that of the orchestra.

Classical Music
  One sensed that a large part of Bennett’s musical drive comes from a desire to make music beautifully with as wide a range of colours as he can find, rather than just to polish and exploit his own virtuosity on the flute. …………..
The Telegraph
    An evening devoted to Bach’s Flute Sonatas is a formidable undertaking for the player, for this Everest in the flautist’s repertory taxes technique and range of feeling to the utmost. Perhaps no player in this country is better suited to tackle the set than William Bennett….he brought freedom of phrase and richly adorned tonal contrasts to bear on music with spirit and affection.
TheTimes London

    His account of the b minor suite was quite outstanding, not only for technical virtuosity, but for sheer natural beauty of phrasing and tone.
Colin Mason
 His playing had such a shapeliness and ease of line, and was so variously coloured and subtly modulated in tone, that each separate phrase could be admired as beautiful musical entity. …………….
Daily Mail

  Here was a real musical feast, after the stage-managed surfeit of the Last Night of the Proms. The highlight for me was Marisa Robles bringing her harp to the party and with that prince of flautists William Bennett , creating an oasis of rococo elegance in Mozart’s C major flute and Harp concerto, K299.

Bath Festival

    Highlight of an evening that was all on a high plane was a remarkably fine performance by William Bennett in the Suite in B minor for flute and strings. His playing was positively inspired with brilliantly assured phrasing, incredible control of tone, and a lively witty interpretation. He deserved his ovation.

The Washington Post
  His breath control was superb throughout the evening, and spectacular in the Frank, which is a challenge to violinist and must be sheer torture to a flutist. He was particularly impressive for agility in fast passages, with phrasing that seemed as light and carefree as a spring breeze. His legato sometimes made a note seem to grow out of the one that preceded it – and effect particularly notable in the Bach slow movement.
Edmonton Gazette

  A master of flute technique, Bennett was free to devote all his attention to dramatic interpretation. His statuesque presence reinforced the commanding power of his musical statements.

Atlanta Journal
The recital was a model of elegant and expressive flute playing. Bennett achieves extraordinary nuances of tone colouring, always structured around total technical control.
Records and Recordings
  .it is rare to find such lucid virtuosity allied with so high a degree of instinctive musicianship.