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William Bennet's 85th Celebration

Happy Flute Festival

Fund raising concerts for the Woodwind Department of the Ryal Academy of Music

Timetable -  17th July        

17th July 2020

Dukes Hall

Performer Piano


registration Doors Open




Opening ceremony Edward Blakeman Emily Beynon William Bennett Denis Bouriakov Mathilde Calderini Stefan Hoskuldsson Anna Kondrashina Lorna McGhee Mark Sparks Kumi Mizuno    Seungwon lee



Lorna McGhee




Anna Kondrashina Seungwo Lee
12:00 Recital Joel Tse Kumi Mizuno
12:20 Lunch    
1:20 Masterclass William Bennett Kumi Mizuno
2:20 Recital Robert Manasse Seungwon Lee
2:40 Break    
2:50 Recital Emily Beynon Andrew West
3:20 Recital Mathilde Cardelini Seungwon Lee
3:40 Break    
4:00 Masterclass Denis Bouriakov Zoia Viazovskaya
5:00 Recital Vytenis Gurstis Seungwon Lee
5:20 Break    
5:40 Recital Roderick Seed with Kiyoka Ohara Kumi Mizuno
6:10 Recital Zoia Viazovskaya Kumi Mizuno
6:30 Supper Hall closes (doors re-open 7:00pm for evening Gala Concert  
7:30 Gala Concert Happy Flute Histories" Edward Blakeman, Emily Beynon, William Bennett, Denis Bouriakov Mathilde Calderini, Unji Chung Tiong Eng Goh, Vytenis Gurstis Stefan Hoskuldsson, Koichi Ito Lucas Jordan, Anna Kondrashina, Robert Manasse, Lorna McGhee Fabricio Matthos (guitar) Haruyuki Nakatsukasa Roderick Seed, Mark Sparks Joel Tse, Alena Walentin Zoia Viazovskaya, Jacques Zoon Seungwon Lee Kumi Mizuno Concert Lumiere
9:00 - 10:00 Reception 9:00 meet the Artists  


Box office at the Royal Academy of Music 020 7873 7300 ( Booking open 15th January)
Online :
Royal Academy of Music, Marylebone Road, London NW1 5HT UK

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